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Support Our Healthcare Initiative
Support Our Healthcare Initiative
Support Our Healthcare Initiative
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The Gambian Diaspora Healthcare Initiative

Healthcare is one of the most essential human requirements. Gambians deserve a better health care system that promotes quality care and peace of mind. Sadly this is not the system we have today.

GDHI would like to significantly improve the healthcare system in The Gambia and provide better care of the sick and to build healthier lives by providing medical supplies and through education, advocacy, training and support.


Our Vision

Championing for a healthy nation - To live well, live long and with peace of mind for all.


Our Mission

Gambian Diasporas coming together to see how best we can help our nation improve the QUALITY of the healthcare system and make it more accessible for all



The healthcare system in Gambia is in dire situation. Hospitals and clinics in the country are operating with inadequate basic supplies.

Current Project

Help Us
Help Our Gambia

Our fund raising goal is $50,000. However we need $25,000 to ship a container full of medical supplies and equipment worth $300,000 from Medshare in Atlanta. Included in that amount is the procurement of the container, insurance, inspection,  people to load the container, storage of the supplies until shipment and technical support for the medical equipments once they reach the Gambia at any time. The additional $25,000 is to expedite the shipping of  pending second container once we are able to clear the first one.