About Us

Our vision, mission, goals and objectives

The Gambia Diaspora Healthcare Initiative – GDHI is a Non-Government Organization of diasporan Gambians across all continents with headquarters based in Maryland USA.  The organization was founded  on 2nd July 2017. Our scope is to help The Gambia with standard healthcare across all communities by providing medical supplies, education, training, advocacy and support.

Our Mission

Gambian diasporans coming together to see how best we can help improve the quality of the healthcare system and make it more accessible for all!

Our Vision

Championing for a healthy nation, to live well, live long, and with peace of mind for all.

Our Goals

Our goals are :

  • To obtain and deliver medical equipment and medical supplies to all hospitals and healthcare facilities within the Gambia.

  • To raise funds to support medical efforts in the Gambia

  • To transport educational training for healthcare providers and the surrounding communities.

  • To increase awareness of the healthcare needs in the Gambia.