Get Involved!

Below are the various ways that you can align yourself with GDHI to realize our goals.

Sponsor a Ward

Individuals or groups are welcome to support an under-served wing of a hospital in any of our hospitals in the Gambia through donations or services. Please contact us for further information

Sponsor a Cause

Sponsors are welcome to support a cause/s of their choice in collaboration with GDHI.Individuals or groups can support a bed/beds in a pediatric unit, women’s health issues, laboratory or mental health issues.

Corporate Sponsor

We are thankful to all our institutional, individual donors and companies for their support. Our Corporate partners include Medshare, CDC, Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and MAP International for Medications.


If any one is interested in volunteering with GDHI please email us at gambiandiasporahealthcare@gmail .com or send us a message at our face book .

Make a Donation

As GDHI continues to grow and serve more people within our communities, we need healthcare workers to donate services to help with patient care , education and training of personnel. financial donations are also appreciated